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The Problems with the Quebec Task Force on Whiplash

The Quebec Task Force on Whiplash-Associated Disorders has been the focus of many critiques since its publication in 1995. The latest, however, holds considerable value, in that it was published as a "Critical Evaluation" in Spine. The authors are two of the most prominent chiropractic whiplash researchers: Dr. Michael Freeman and Dr. Arthur Croft. The two carefully evaluate the study, and conclude the following:

"The validity of the conclusions and recommendations of the Quebec Task Force regarding the natural course of whiplash injuries is questionable. This lack of validity stems from the presence of bias, the use of unconventional terminology, and conclusions that are not concurrent with the literature the Task Force accepted for review. Although the Quebec Task Force set out to 'redefine whiplash and its management,' striving for the desirable goal of clarification of the numerous contentious issues surrounding the injury, its publications instead have confused the subject further."

Freeman MD, Croft AC, Rossignol AM. "Whiplash associated disorders: redefining whiplash and its management" by the Quebec Task Force: a critical evaluation. Spine 1998;23(9):1043-1049.